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Jack’s Day

I’ve been horribly neglectful of my blog and I apologise to all my followers.  As you know, I am now an Unbound author and raising pledges for my book, Blood On The Banana Leaf.

One of the rewards for being my 50th supporter was a personalised poem for my friend Jilly.  She was keen to have something to read to her 4 year old, Jack.  He is a wonderful boy and they are very nature-friendly and outward bound so I hope the poem below reflcts that.

Jack’s Day

See, Jack, see the rosy sun begin to rise

A morning mist gives little drinks to bees

The birds begin to sing their first,

the moon will rise before their last.

See how the mountains range & beam

In their Sunday best they are proud to gleam

Goats a bleating on hillsides green

Chewing softly, they are gentle things.


See, Jack, see the wind that runs on speedy legs

Through tree tops full of nests & speckled eggs

Look! A lizard sunbathes in the tea-time sun

It’s tail sways in time with nature’s dozy hum.

The lawn is green, the sky so blue,

The stone so cool, the sweetpeas new

The long shadows begin their journey old

As afternoon blazes green & gold.


See, Jack, see the Swallowtail on a flower

Taking sips before flying on, hour after hour

See those fields of corn, yellow glinting in the sun

Ripening quickly through the Summer’s run

Field mice squeaking, tails a leaping.

Dusk comes down and from the dark a-peeping

A wise old owl of many years, hoots and swoops

Til glowing moon dips low and he must roost.

See, Jack, see your comfy bed & toys all near

The stars are out, the night is here

Cuddle up with Mum and Dad,

Read a book and feel cosy glad

A glass of milk to bring you happy dreams

You’re eyes are sleepy, droopy things

Smile once more & stretch your toes

Goodnight, our Jack, we love you so.

And please remember to pledge for my novel & at the very least have your name in the published book as a supporter @  Thank you x


The butterflies stopped visiting the meadow

the year your light went out.

Daffodils were joyless and sadness

weighed down the Barn owl’s flight.

The sun struggled to do it’s yellow best,

The moon simmered in shock.

One hundred fireworks refused to shower the night sky

with colour, rain was colder and stung my face red.

Traffic became exhausted and biscuits stale.

My coffee, cold and clingy.


Peacocks screamed your name that night

Tossing it to-and-fro with wretched joy.

And now I sit, vodka-eyed, watching the walls cry,

my shale grey grief decorating the room like

broken fingernails.

52 LOVES – Writers from around the world – short stories and poems.

It seems rather apt that with social media struggling to achieve a balance between hatred and compassion a rather lovely ‘rattle bag’ is being published.

52 LOVES is a beautiful collection of quirky and extremely well-written stories and beautiful poetry of every persuasion.   Authors and Poets who have contributed include, Tina Rath [UK] of Cake and Quill fame, TSW Sharman [USA], Parveen Sethi, Wing-Ho Lin—[Hong Kong / UK], Katy Maxwell—UK, Liam Hogan—UK, Alex Lindquist—USA, David T. K. Wong—China / Malaysia, Ndaba Sibanda—Zimbabwe / Angola, Brenda Anderson—Australia.  The charismatic and talented, Yolanda Christian contributed and edited the project.

And I have a couple of poems inside.

It is available here 52LOVES for the UK and here 52LOVES (USA) for America but is available on all the amazon international sites.

‘To have a story or a poem for each week of the year strikes me as a very cool idea. This international collection featuring writers from all over the world had such an interesting ring to its title. And I must say that my curiosity has been whetted by what I have read so far. Tina Rath’s Carnival and Nalini Priyadarshni’s Your Name and Blooms of Dawn are short, sensuous poems that I enjoyed immensely. Meet Roderick by David Bentley is an altogether a different flavor. So many different hues of love in one book….a fantastic read for the Valentine month. I don’t think I will wait till December to finish it’.   Vikas Singh

‘What a beautiful and powerful collection’  Laura A R

‘Each time I read them, I see something new. They are like paintings I keep coming back to stare at, again and again’  MamaCooks


I am happy to announce that one of my favourite authors and all round gorgeous person, a huge talent in this commercial world, is launching (via Mariscat Press) her first  book of poetry, ‘Visiting the Animal‘.

This is going to be a blinder of an event so get yourself down to Blackwell’s, South Bridge, Edinburgh, on Thursday 3rd December 6 for 6.30.  Come along for a bit of early Christmas shopping and a glass of wine.  Music will be provided by Mike Heron (ex ISB), Andrew Greig and Friends.

Lesley Glaister in a bookshop!  What more could you want?


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