As you probably all know I am currently crowdfunding my novel, Blood On The Banana Leaf, on Unbound, the literary crowdfunding platform.  I am on 45% with nearly 100 supporters already but really need to push through to 50 percent.

So, two things really.  Firstly, if you pledge for the novel on my Page before the 18:00 GMT on 24th December you will be in with a chance of winning one of two original Christmas Flower prints designed by me!  In any size and in any colour variations (frame not included).  Just show me proof of the pledge!  Good Luck!

grandma-flowerAnd secondly, back by popular demand, I have started making my personal lyric posters again.  Any words will do.  Could be song lyrics, a poem, the start of a famous novel or even an excerpt of Winston Churchill’s ‘fight them on the beaches’ speech.  I  can turn any words into a completely unique and thoughtful present (Christmas is still coming!) which look awesome when hung on your walls.

If you pledge any amount on my Unbound page not only will you get your name in the back of the book when it is finally published BUT you will also get your choice of lyric poster for free.  This offer will run until December 31st (frames not included).  Check out the two examples below.  They really are special.





One of the most lovely things is seeing my writing supporters on my pledge page and knowing that you will be immortalised (in the literary sense!) once my book is published. Because we are doing it together.

Thank you so much.

Love, Tabby x