This is a mother, a friend, a writer, a wife, and a wonderful person. For some reason, this is the only way she can get help. Please, Please think about contributing even if it is a tiny amount. Thank you x

Angelika Rust

Briefly before we went into full editing and publishing mode for Hearts & Other Dead Things over at Cake & Quill, we got a last minute submission. I wasn’t quite sure it actually fit the theme – the whole book is full of rather thoroughly broken hearts and sarcasm and that story was surprisingly full of hope – but the writing was so beautiful, no way could I have said no. So mandyI met Mandy, and as it is with writers, you connect, and you learn a bit about each other.

Mandy faces quite a few struggles. Her husband and son have Aspergers Syndrome (for details about that, look here), her husband additionally suffers from spinal problems that might land him in a wheelchair. Of her two daughters, one might have Aspergers as well, or a related issue. The house they’re yet living in is actually too small, plus their landlord…

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