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Angelika Rust

Today I’m not trying to sell you any of my books, honestly! Quite the opposite, in fact. Well, almost the opposite. I’m still trying to sell you a book, just not one of mine. And you can’t purchase it yet either.

Tabatha and Clari Tabatha Stirling (left) and Clari, one of the women who inspired her to write Blood on the Banana Leaf

Sorry, I’m babbling. I’m excited. Here’s why: For a little over three years now, I’ve been part of a very fine community of writers, kind and supportive people, highly creative, some brilliant minds among them and oodles of talent. If you had asked me at any given point during those years, who’ll be the first in your group to become famous, my answer would have either been Adam Oster or…Tabatha Stirling. And now it looks like I wasn’t too wrong.

Tabatha’s book Blood on the Banana Leaf has been…

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