Hello, my Darlings.

The new Cake and Quill Anthology, Hearts and Other Dead Things is out soon!

hearts and other dead things5final

Yes, this is the cover! Imagine how gorgeous this will look on your book shelf in all its glossy glory.  As you may know, all proceeds from the Cake and Quill anthologies go to a charity.  ALL proceeds.  The contributors do everything for free, including editing, cover design, formatting, promotion and the stories and poems.

The charity chosen for this anthology is HOME Singapore, a wonderful organisation that helps displaced and abused maids regain their dignity and their self-respect by helping them in a myriad of ways.  As a temporary safe haven, with legal problems and repatriation.

It is very close to my heart as I lived in Singapore and my novel, Blood On The Banana Leaf, which will be published later this year, highlights these complex issues through the words and eyes of four very different women.

Our Thunderclap Campaign has started and we need 100 followers for the Clap to happen. All you have to do is click the link here, Thunderclap and click one or all of the buttons to share on Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr.  I will bake you many, many cupcakes and love you all forever, basically.

The links to the live books will be available here very soon.  We would love you to buy it so HOME can help even more women in dire need of help.  Reviews are vital too, because, positive or negative, it helps us get the word out there.

Thank you so much.

Volequeen x