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Angelika Rust

One of the members of our Cake & Quill group, Chloe Hammond, recently published her debut novel. I had the honor to be one of the beta readers; it’s an amazing work. This one really took me by surprise. From the blurb (scroll down to read), I’d have placed it in the vampire chic lit corner, but this book is more, much more. Yes, it has vampires, and yes, it will probably appeal to a female audience more than to a male, but, to me, the main thing about the story is that there’s nothing shallow, nothing superficial. The characters get to thoroughly research their actions, emotions, past decisions, showing the author’s deep understanding of human nature. This makes it, especially in the first part of the book, an almost psychological read, to a point where you completely forget that you’re actually reading a vampire story. The characters are drawn so…

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